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Burners of Sydney and Surrounds (BOSS) are committed to supporting the NSW burner community to promote the ten principles of the Burning Man Project through public engagement and to foster and encourage the creation of original art.

About the Grant

Burners of Sydney and Surrounds (BOSS) is committed to supporting the NSW burner community to promote the ten principles of the Burning Man Project through public engagement and to foster and encourage the creation of original art. 


The BOSS team are opening art grants with a pool of $5,000 until the pool runs out. So get your application in early. The maximum grant you can apply for is $1000. 


Grants are open to members who would like to contribute music, poetry, theatre of all sorts, art, video and light art projections, art installations, video content and awesome decorations to any Burner events and a BOSS event.

Grant FAQ's

All BOSS members can apply for a grant.


To become a member, you must be committed to the 10 Burning Man principles, live in NSW and commit to attend one or more ‘Burner’ events. If you aren't a member apply here.


Grants up to $1000 are up for grabs to help shine with burner love at any regional burn or theme camp events. Preference may be given to those held in NSW.


  • Two grant categories: Open (18+) and Youth

  • Maximum amount awarded: Up to $1000 per project

  • Applications open: NOW

The BOSS Art Grant is intended to help subsidise the costs associated with the creation of a new project or the enhancement of a current project to be showcased at a regional burn and at the Sydney BOSS event. 

BOSS wants to fund projects that will be able to be shared with the wider community too and are particularly interested in those projects that demonstrate one or more of our 10 principles.


Things we might fund could include:

  • Large scale  art pieces

  • Small scale art pieces

  • Art cars and mutant vehicles

  • Light projection art / design

  • Digital art and creative content.

  • Music and music videos

  • Theatre

  • Musical performances with pizazz

  • Signs that scream out the 10 principles

  • Things that light up and sparkle

  • Chill spaces 


Let your imagination come to life.

We DO NOT fund projects that are: 

  • Artwork or other pre-made items that are not custom-made by the artist, and instead are purchased and already assembled or prefabricated.

  • Projects that will not be displayed/performed at a BOSS event.

  • Projects that create MOOP 

  • Projects that may be used for commercial use 

What do we (BOSS) expect of you?

  • Be a BOSS member!

  • Embody the the Burning Man Principles.

  • Be totally committed. Please follow through to the highest level of commitment possible, not doing so may exclude you from submitting future grant applications.

  • Be creative. Projects which incorporate one or more of the ten principles will be assessed favourably.

  • Be mindful. You are responsible for any MOOP your art piece creates, and for removing all trace of your art piece.

  • Be safe. Please take every safety precaution necessary during the construction of your project. And please ensure that your completed project is sturdy, secure, and safe to interact with.

  • Be open and communicative. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns. Let us know if you are experiencing any difficulty completing your project, and/or the requirements of your agreement with us.


Who can apply for a grant?


  • Anyone of any age can apply, with youth encouraged to apply as they have their own grant category.

  • Applications are accepted from first-time creators through to professional artists.

  • You, or your parent/guardian, must be a financial member of BOSS and a NSW resident. 

Where does the money come from?

BOSS is a not-for-profit entity that uses the profits from Sydney Decompression ticket sales to fund the BOSS Grant Program. The grant recipients then display / perform their art pieces at the Sydney Decompression event to enrich the experience for Sydney Decompression attendees, which helps to generate funding to continue operating the BOSS Grant Program.



Send an email to 

BOSS bossburners

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