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Thank you for your interest in bringing your Camp to Spring Burn 2021!

We are now seeking a commitment to participate from your Camp.

Please read through the information listed below, and then complete the RSVP.


RSVP Closes - 5.00pm / 1700, Sunday 13 June


The response that we received from NSW based theme camps far exceeded our expectations, and we have 18 Camps who have indicated that they would be interested in participating.



- We have received official support from Burners of Sydney and Surrounds (BOSS).

- We have started to fill the Core Crew positions, however there are still a number of positions available.

- We have sourced venues for this event, and have booked a venue.




EVENT DATES: Thursday 25 November - Monday 29 November


SITE ACCESS: Wednesday 24 November - Tuesday 30 November


VENUE NAME & ADDRESS: Scout Camp Kariong - 319 Woy Woy Road, Kariong

VENUE CAPACITY: The recommended maximum capacity is 350, with an absolute

maximum capacity of 400.




Scout Camp Kariong is a forested site featuring a fair bit of light scrub, and is surrounded by National Park.


The site is limited by available camping area and quality of ground. Most camping areas are at least partially shaded. It is hoped to provide the minimum camping size area per personal tent that participants are used to at other burns.


The site has many natural features, including bushwalking tracks, a swimming hole, a waterfall, and a rock formation which is a perfect sunset viewing platform.


These features do present hazards, and additional safety measures will be out into place to mitigate the perceived risks.




The venue is located approx. 15 minutes (10 km) to Gosford CBD, including Gosford Hospital, Gosford train station, and major supermarket chain stores.


In the nearby suburb of Kariong (6 mins, 4 km), there is a small independent grocery store and service stations for fuel.


The NSW Rural Fire Service Local Control Centre is located approx. 5 mins (2.8 km) from the venue.


The Kariong Fire Station (Fire and Rescue NSW) is located approx. 7 mins (4.5 km) from the venue.




The venue has a number of on-site facilities, some of which will be utilised during bump-in and bump-out times only.


POWER: There is mains power available for use within and surrounding the on-site structures.


Mains power will be supplemented with temporary power sources, such as generators, batteries and solar. Camps are encouraged to bring any equipment and infrastructure that they have for this purpose.


WATER: There is ample water available for general use. Outlets are available throughout the central area of the venue.


Temporary water reservoirs may be positioned within the camping areas where there are no outlets.


WASTE: The site does have skip bins, however the number of bins available will not accommodate the waste generated by 400 participants.


Therefore, we will be adhering to the ‘Leave No Trace’ principle, and participants will need to remove all of their waste from the site to dispose of elsewhere.


TOILETS: There are plumbed toilets available for use during the bump-in and bump-out periods only.


The on-site septic system will not accommodate use by 400 participants, therefore numerous portable toilets will be located throughout the entire event site for use during the event period.


SHOWERS: There are hot showers available for use during the bump-in and bump-out periods only.


KITCHEN: There is a commercial kitchen available for use by Camps who wish to include a food service as part of their contribution to the event.


Camps will need to bring all of the cooking utensils that they require, and will need to clean the area after use.




The venue is accessible by car, however parking is limited and participants will be encouraged to carpool.


Most cars will need to be parked in an area that is separate to the designated camping areas, and separate to the designated theme camp areas.


There is limited parking for participants who want to camp with (or within) their vehicle at one of the designated camping areas. This area is accessible via an unsealed track recommended for 4WD vehicles, but may be attempted by 2WD vehicles (vehicle owner to accept all risk).


Caravans and motorhomes can be accommodated, however cars may need to be parked separately to caravans, and owners will need to bring levelling equipment.


Vehicle passes may need to be purchased in addition to the event ticket to limit the number of vehicles parked within the designated camping areas.



The site is not suitable for art cars, however participants may wish to bring bicycles.




Due to the parking limitations and restrictions, a Traffic team will direct all vehicles to park in appropriate and designated areas.


The venue will supply large luggage trolleys that are operated manually, and can be used to transport equipment from the parking areas to the camping and theme camp areas.


We are also looking at ways to transport camping equipment between the parking areas and the designated camping areas where the trolleys can not be utilised.




As this event is being supported by BOSS, we will be covered under the existing Public Liability Insurance policy, which has a coverage limit of $20M.




- This event is not intended to replace or replicate Burning Seed.


- The funds raised will be distributed back to the Camps who participate, however the factors surrounding distribution and amounts are yet to be determined.


- This is not a public event, and all tickets will be allocated to either ‘Camp Crew’ or ‘Core Crew’.


Camp Crew = Participants who are associated with a Camp.


Core Crew = Participants who are involved with the event planning and specialised on-site roles.




All ‘Camp Crew’ will need to sign up for a minimum of one (1) crew shift in the areas listed below (including but not limited to), in order to purchase a ticket.


Note: Some of these teams will have shifts during the bump-in and bump-out periods, and some will be during the event period only.


  • Artery

  • Civic services

  • Gate

  • LNT

  • Rangers

  • Traffic


We predict that Camp Leads, Co-Leads, and 2ICs may not be required to sign up for a crew shift (unless they want to), however it is yet to be determined how many crew exemptions will be allocated to each Camp.


It is also yet to be determined if there will be any penalties applied to Camp Crew who ‘no show’ for their crew shift.


It is possible that a ‘Participation Fine’ may be deducted from the fundraised amount allocated to applicable Camps, and if so the funds from this penalty would be donated to a charity, rather than redistributed to other Camps. Camps may be able to avoid a penalty if a shift can be covered by another Camp member.


All ‘Core Crew’ who are managing the areas listed above, along with other organisational areas not listed and any non-Lead ‘Core Crew’, will be required to sign up for a minimum of three (3) shifts. 




We anticipate that the ticket price will be similar to other burns, with a maximum price of $200.




The site is limited to a maximum of 150 people during the bump-in period, therefore Camps will be allocated a specific number of Early Entry Passes in order to regulate the number of people on site during this period.


The number of Early Entry Passes that each Camp will be allocated is yet to be determined.




The LNT team will conduct MOOP checks at Camps once all equipment and infrastructure has been removed, and prior to the departure of the Camp Leads.


It is yet to be determined if there will be any penalties applied to Camps who do not achieve ‘Green’ status during their MOOP check.


It is possible that a ‘MOOP fine’ may be deducted from the fundraised amount allocated to applicable Camps, and if so the funds from this penalty would be donated to a charity, rather than redistributed to other Camps.




We are intending to conduct one burn on the Saturday night (27 November), however the structure will be scaled down in accordance with the burn area available, and to adhere to the requirements stipulated by the NSW Rural Fire Service, from which approval to conduct a burn will be sought.


The site already houses a permanent fire pit, and has permission to light a controlled fire year round, unless a strict fire ban is in effect.


Any planned burn will be subject to fire bans and weather conditions at the time of burning.




We are unable to allocate two separate spaces to conduct a second burn. However we are considering ways that we can conduct a second burn on the Sunday night.




Due to the high number of Camps who have expressed an interest in participating, along with the limitations related to the spaces available (and the size of spaces), where Camps can be set up.


We now need to make a decision regarding how to proceed with planning for this event, and we want your feedback.

On the RSVP form you will be required to select from two (2) event format options.


OPTION 1 - A traditional format


There are only four (4) areas on-site that have the space to accommodate a full theme camp set-up.


All Camps who want to participate would submit an application (or joint-application if Camps want to apply together to produce a more substantial application).


Applications would be reviewed and successful Camps would be allocated to one of the available areas.


PROS for this option:

- The successful Camps would receive a greater share of the funds raised.

- The successful Camps would receive a greater number of allocated tickets.

- The successful Camps would have free rein over when they want to schedule and deliver their offerings, i.e a party event night, day sessions every day, etc.


CONS for this option:

- There will be a lot of unsuccessful Camps.


OPTION 2 - A collaborative format


There are six (6) areas on-site where Camps can share equipment and infrastructure to provide offerings to the event, made up of the four (4) theme camp areas, plus the Hall and the Kitchen.


All Camps who want to participate would provide details of what equipment and infrastructure they will be bringing to the event. Camps would also provide details of what they intend to offer at the event.


Examples of offerings:

- The on-site commercial kitchen could be used to do a cook up every day for an hour each day (e.g. a tea/coffee service between 9-10am; cheese toasties 12-1pm; cucumber sandwiches and Pimms between 3-4pm), with different Camps at each time slot, and a minimum of two (2) time slots. 

- The existing hall structure could be used to conduct a day session session of some type (eg. yoga, singing, breathwork, crafting, drumming, etc) for an hour each day.

- One Camp could have a party night on one night at a theme camp area, and a different Camp can hold a party night in the same theme camp area on a different night (equipment can either be shared, or parts switched out between parties).

- Theme camp area decor can be switched out depending on which Camp is occupying the space at the time.


PROS for this option:

- All interested Camps could bring a version of their camp, or an offering using existing infrastructure, to the event.

- Camps with equipment and infrastructure that is not suitable for this event could still participate.

- Camps can scale down their offerings according to their requirements and circumstances.

- The offerings would be varied and unique.


CONS for this option:

- The share of funds would need to be spread across more Camps, and amounts may need to be scaled according to the equipment and infrastructure that each Camp brings, along with the offerings that they provide. 

- The allocated number of tickets allocated to each Camp will be limited in order to provide all Camps with tickets. Ticket allocations may also need to be scaled.

- Camps will need to program their parties, workshops, offerings, etc around other Camps in order to share spaces.

- Camps may not be able to provide their offering on/at their preferred date and time.

- Camps may not be able to provide their preferred offering if there are no suitable spaces or time slots available.




Once we have received the RSVPs from Camps who have indicated their interest in participating, we will proceed with planning for the event format which the majority of Camps chose in their RSVP.


Some Camps may also choose to decline to participate any further at this stage, as they are not available for the event dates, or for any other applicable reason.


In the meantime, we will continue to fill the Core Crew positions that are vacant.


Anyone who is interested in taking on a Core Crew role, along with any Camp Leads, Co-Leads and 2ICs, are welcome to join the Spring Burn Crew group on Facebook.



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