Apply for an iso grant

Please read the application guidelines before submitting a grant application 


The BOSS 2020 Iso (Art) Grant is intended to help subsidise the costs associated with the creation of a new project during the time when we would usually be attending Burning Seed.


Art pieces/performances must be displayed/performed at the inaugural

- Two grant categories: Open (18+) and Youth

- Maximum amount awarded: Up to $1000 per project

- Bonus funding for digital content: Up to $200 per project

- Applications open: Thursday 10 September 2020

- Applications close: Sunday 25 October 2020 (midnight)



We (BOSS) are offering additional funding to artists who will participate in creating digital content to assist with the promotion of the BOSS Grant Program.

$100 - Awarded to artists who provide us with footage of the creation of their project from a fixed position that we can use to create a time lapse.

$100 - Awarded to artists who participate in a recorded Q&A session.

Please indicate your anticipated level of participation in the creation of digital content on the application form.




We WILL fund projects that are:

- Large scale art pieces

- Small scale art pieces

- Wall/hanging art pieces

- Burner fashion/costume design (*conditions apply)

- Performance art (*conditions apply)

- Mobile art (*conditions apply)​​

We will also fund projects that were started after March 2020 and have not yet been completed.

We WILL NOT fund projects that are: 

- Artwork or other pre-made items that are not custom made by the artist, and instead are purchased and already assembled or prefabricated.

- Projects that will not be displayed/performed at the inaugural BOSS ART SHOWCASE.



- Must be submitted on time using the online grant application form.

- Must be accompanied by a budget outline.

- Must be accompanied by a schematic diagram, drawings, and/or photographs of scale models.


Please send supporting documentation to 




Art pieces/performances must be displayed/performed at the inaugural

* Burner fashion/costume design - artists will need to budget for and supply props/mannequins to be used for their display at the Art Showcase.

* Performance art - as the Art Showcase will be a ticketed event with a rotating audience each hour, artists will either need to repeat their performance for each new audience, or they will be required to submit a professional quality video of their performance for display at the Art Showcase.

*Mobile art - projects must be relatively small scale and easily manoeuvred to ensure accessibility to/from an indoor venue.




The artist retains ownership and copyright of the work, however BOSS reserves the right to reproduce images and descriptions of works in any printed or online format for publicity purposes.



Send an email to 

BOSS bossburners